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BGMI Mode Apk Hack 2.0 | BattleGround Mobile India Apk Hack[No Ban]


May 21, 2022
BGMI Mod Apk

If you are a fan of BGMI then there is good news for you. Because BGMI Mode Apk has come up with a new updated BGMI Mode Apk version 2.0. It has all the great offers. There are also new features. Which will make your game more advanced and fun. Officially, the battlefield players have been waiting for a long time. I will introduce all these new features to you one by one and also discuss how to use them. Hello friends I am Saddam Hossain Chief Editor of the Hindi Movie Blog Website. Welcome to visit my page. So let’s start with the new features of BGMI 2.0

BGMI Mode Apk Hack 2.0 Features

1. RP Mission
In the previous version, you had to exit the game to see the RP mission but in
BGMI Mode Apk you don’t have to exit the game. You can see your position from the middle of the game. That’s where you were in the game’s position. With that, you will be able to know the game’s position every day. Not only this, with the help of RP mission you can complete your position.

2. Magazine capacity
It comes with a very nice and great feature BGMI magazine capacity. You need to enable this feature inside the game. In older applications, this feature should have been visible to your gun but BGMI Mode Apk version 2.0 will show you a mark where you can see how many bullets are in your magazine and how many are empty. This will make your game more interesting. Not only this, with the help of this magazine you can fill your empty gun with magazines. Please let us know how you like this feature by commenting. Also, this is a very nice feature for me.

3. Road map

This feature will get you hooked. Because with this feature you can see the yellow road within the size of your battleground. If you follow those road shots you will find many bullet coins on the road. With which you can redeem the instruments of your choice.

4. Football ground

This offer is going to be great and great for your friends if you are a football lover. Because now a football ground has been added to Livik. Which makes BGMI Mode Apk version 2.0 even more interesting. If You want to enter this football ground you will have a parachute through which you can easily enter the ground. If you enter the football field and score a goal, you will get lots of coins.

5. Online status icon

Many features have been added to this feature. For example, if you click on the green icons above and your friend clicks on the same icon, then you can enter his lobby without inviting him. Also, there are also numerous new features. You can find it by going to BGMI Mode Apk version 2.0.

In version 2.0, there will be an event character of Emilia who will get a character like Ener. Possibly seen in 1400. There are many beautiful girl’s voices in it. Which have been able to make the battleground more attractive.

Friends also have a number of new modes that they have nicely added to BGMI Mode Apk version 2.0. It has been in the beta version of Livik for the past two years. The good news is the BGMI Mode Apk version 2.0 has been completely uploaded. Which is very happy for you and to get a new taste of Battleground you must upgrade your application to 2.0

How to Hack BattleGround Mobile India Mod Apk 2.0

Hello, friends if you want to upgrade bgmi mod apk then I have some secret methods for you. Before saying this method you need to take some precautions. For example, you must first clean your mobile. That means you have to delete the old application from your mobile so that no error occurs.

After that, you need to hack version 2.0. Then when you set it completely on your mobile. After that, you have to enable the new features that have emerged. If these are not fully enabled, you will not be able to enjoy the battleground.

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Friends, if you want to get bgmi mod apk 2.0, please comment and give me your email id. I’ll send you two versions in your email box. In other words, friends, send your emails in the comments without delay, I am sending you BGMI Mode Apk 2.0.
If you have any difficulty in getting it, let me know in the comments. Also, I will definitely try to solve your problem within 24 hours.


Friends, the version I have is completely safe and legal. You can upgrade your mobile without any hesitation. Without any problem If you still have any difficulty upgrading to this version, please mention it in the comment box or contact me. I will solve your problem as soon as possible completely free of cost. You do not have to pay for this.

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