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PM Kisan Rejected List How To Check-Remove Name From Rejected List


May 28, 2022

How To Find PM Kisan Rejected List, whose names have been dropped from PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, and how to remove your name from the PM Kisan Rejected List? I have discussed all these issues in detail in this article. If you read this article well, you will find the solution to all your problems. So read the article very carefully. So let’s get started without any delay-

How To Check PM Kisan Rejected List

You need to visit PM Kisan’s official website to check if you are on PM Kisan Rejected List. On the home page of the official website, you will see an option called Dashboard below Payment Success. Clicking there will open a new page where you can see two options.

The first is the Preview Voice Dashboard and the Panchayat Voice Dashboard. But you have to click on Panchayat Wise Dashboard. A new page will open there. Clicking on it will give you all the states, districts, sub-districts, and panchayats in your own area. Then a list of all the farmers in your area will come up.

But if you just want to see the list of your village, then click on the Village Dashboard. There you can see Village Status, Payment Status, Aadhaar Authentication Status, and Online Registration Status. Of these four options, you have to click on the online registration status.

There you will see four different pillars. The first is Online Registrations Received, the second is Online Registrations Accepted, the third is Online Registrations Rejected and the fourth is Online Registrations Pending. The third option is to check if your name is in the registered list from the Online Registrations Rejected column.

PM Kisan Rejected Reason

The names of all the farmers who have been dropped from PM Kisan, that is, those whose names are on the new rejection list, have their names on the cancellation list. How did they get the money for so long now why was it canceled?

Etc. If you want to get the right idea, then read this article carefully.
There are many reasons why the names of the farmers who have been omitted from PM Kisan have been omitted. Such as wrong spelling of the name, wrong father’s name, wrong bank account wrong land ledger wrong Aadhaar card, etc.

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Those whose names are on this list will be deprived of receiving the next installment. Until they correct their wrong shots. At the same time, you need to take a good look at the list and correct your mistakes. For example, if a person’s name is wrong on an Aadhaar card, voter card, or bank account or his father’s name is wrong, then those mistakes have to be corrected first. Then that person will be able to fix his name on PM Kisan’s website.

How to Correct the rejected list

In this article, I have discussed in detail how and where to re-apply the farmers whose names have been omitted from the PM Kisan website. If you are one of the farmers excluded from the list. Then this article will be able to help you. So let’s get started-
First of all, you need to know why you have been excluded from the benefits of PM Kisan. If there is any mistake in your certificate then it needs to be corrected. Then you need to contact the nearest land office.

Contact your nearest land office to find out why your name has been omitted from PM Kisan and how to correct it. Then they have to take the next step according to their advice. Only then will your name be moved back to the revised list.

Importance of Adhaar on Pm Kisan-Aadhaar card is very important for PM Kisan. Identity card. So if there is any mistake in the Aadhaar card, then correct the Aadhaar card from any Aadhaar center near you.


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